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Salt therapy is a practice that dates back hundreds of years. It has become a popular treatment at spas and holistic wellness centers. Sitting in a salt cave may be a soothing experience. Better yet, salt therapy can aid a variety of health concerns. In this post we look at the benefits of salt caves.

Salt Caves in Chambersburg, PA

Man-made salt caves usually consist of a room lined with salt bricks with a thick layer of salt on the floor. Other salt caves may use a machine, called a halo-generator, to spray fine pieces of salt into the air. Both approaches create a micro-climate, mimicking the original salt caves of Eastern Europe. At Heart & Soul, we designed our salt cave with you in mind. Our cave optimizes the many healing properties that pure Himalayan Salt has to offer. A single session can have you sleeping better and breathing easier.

What are the Benefits?

Spending time in the dry, salty air of a salt cave offers a host of health benefits. The negative ions and essential minerals of Himalayan Salt fill the air if the cave. Your body absorbs these healing molecules through the skin and the air you breathe. All you have to do is relax as the salt heals you from the inside out. 

The benefits of salt caves are vast. A popular benefit is relief for respiratory issues like asthma, allergies, and congestion. Breathing in the salty air has similar effects to using a saline rinse or salt water gargle. While you’re in the salt cave, your skin absorbs the particles. This can help soothe skin conditions like eczema, acne, and psoriasis. Additionally, The negative ions can aid in reducing mental stress, depression, anxiety, sleep issues, and headaches. Salt caves can serve as a routine way unwind after a busy week, promoting wellness of the body and mind.